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The principals to In-Motion Pictures have extensive experience in the creative and business side of the entertainment industry. In addition, the company has relationships with key consultants, advisers and production personnel who will be available to fill important roles on an as-needed basis. The following individuals make up the current management team:


Tom Shell DirectorTom Shell, President of Production
As a producer, Tom has overseen numerous low-budget feature films and various television projects. He most recently produced Sony Pictures Alone In The Dark 2 for Uwe Boll and The Far Side of Jericho, an offbeat western directed by Tim Hunter for First Look Pictures. He also produced the Warner Brothers kid show The JammX Kids, alongside the legendary studio head and executive producer Merv Adelson. Tom is an active member of the Producers Guild and Directors Guild. He has been a contributor to their monthly magazines, mainly on articles pertaining to the development if HD filmmaking. As a director his films contain a fresh and intelligent style. His family/adventure Wind River (based on the novel Among the Shoshones) stars Wes Studi, Karen Allen and Russell Means. Recently on HBO, it was Lions Gate Home Video's bestseller in March of 2004 and recipient of the Award of Excellence through the Film Advisory Board. His Vampire epic, Blood Wars, stars Tony Todd. Tom has just completed his fourth feature Disarmed. Tom started writing and acting professionally while still in high school. As a writer, he has penned seven screenplays. He has spent years in the post production and distribution field. Most notably he worked for the distribution company Independent Artists under Lee Lacy and dealt with the day to day duties of sales and acquisitions. Having run dozens of shows, Tom is extremely adept at taking companies from the ground level up.

In Motion Pictures A.J DravenA.J. Draven, President of Development and Finance
A UNLV graduate with a degree in business and finance, A.J. found success in the highly competitive search engine optimization industry. He started and ran One Word Ventures, which has grossed over $4 million in online sales of nutritional supplements. Meanwhile, working in conjunction with one of the most successful martial arts organizations in the U.S., Krav Maga Worldwide, A.J. started a youth martial arts program called KM-X, which is now in over 200 schools across North America. His business experience and knack for starting successful endeavors has translated into a growing career in
feature film production. A.J. was able to raise the capital necessary to produce multiple feature films and run productions both in the United States and Asia. He now has 3 feature films under his belt which he has taken through the entire process from story development to distribution. He is currently developing several projects and owns the options and/or rights to over six films with In-Motion Pictures. A.J. has also produced new media/mobile content and has recently produced his first comic book. While proficient in various martial arts (Muay Thai Kick Boxing, MMA, and now Eskrima) A.J. has risen to the top of the Krav Maga Worldwide Organization. An expert in both street and military combat tactics, A.J. has trained both Civilians and Law Enforcement Personnel. He has now coordinated and choreographed the martial arts in 2 feature films, and has trained and choreographed actors for various television shows including ABC's 'Alias' and 'Traveler'.


Stephanie Lemelin, Actress/Writer/Producer
As part of the In-Motion Pictures team, Stephanie has been active in both developing the stories and scripts of the movies, as well as acting in both small cameos and large roles. No stranger to the screen, Stephanie has been acting professionally since moving to LA following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 with a BA in Communications. Besides acting in several indie films, Stephanie has been cast as a series-regular in 7 consecutive pilots including ABC's Good Behavior, The Funkhousers, and Cavemen-- which was picked up for 13 episodes. She also starred in FOX's Worst Week of My Life, Dirtbags, and Titletown, and had a lead in the SciFi Channel's original tv movie/backdoor pilot-- Anonymous Rex, based on the books by Eric Garcia. Stephanie has also guest-starred in many network shows, with comedic and dramatic roles on CSI:Las Vegas, Malcolm in the Middle, Rules of Engagement, Run of the House, Out of Practice, and The Mullets. Recently, she added voice-over actress to her resume, playing an animated character in Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda franchise.

Nick Holmes, Shooter/Editor/VFX
Nick has cut multiple trailers and teasers, in addition to having numerous music videos under his belt. He does DVD authoring, and has a keen eye for visual effects and graphic design. If you haven't seen his computer wizardry... you may recognize him in The Thirst as the "Vote for Jason" politician that gets his bite on early in the show.

Ramesh Thadani, Writer, Post Production Producer
Ramesh's mother believed that he misspent his youth reading comics and watching movies. In an effort to prove her wrong, he has spent the last ten years writing comics and making movies. When he is not shining about the Cubs or dreaming up fantastic stories, he spends most of his time writing, producing, directing and editing segments for Videojug America. Curing the wee hours of the morn, he is currently penning a script based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the sequel to the vampire opus The Thirst. His eclectic career has found him writing and producing for properties such as, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, Trivial Pursuit DVD, The Amazing Race, HALO, and Scooby-Doo.

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